Sunday, 28 February 2010

My First Bloim

So, this is my first blog. I felt a definate and absolute need to write one after sending something personal out to a few people this week and getting some cracking responses back. The sort of responses that, firstly, made me feel good and secondly made me feel guilty I'd disliked blogs in the past.

Im going to say outright now, I won't be doing blogs in the traditional sense. I'm going to use poetry to write them all. I know this might seem pretentious and/or a bit wishy washy but I found (after the thing I sent to people this week) that I could truly express how I felt and what I meant in very few words. Just with the right structure and wording, I felt like a poem could speak a thousand paragraphs.

I've always liked doing poems and although I'm not a great poet (yes, they all rhyme), I do like how they read. Having a bit of rhythm in your prose is never a bad thing :D

So yes, here we go. My first blog poem. I shall call them: Bloems (in my accent...that's bloim, because, yes, I pronounce 'poem' as 'poim.') Anyway:

'Caution: Very Hot Water.'
It's 3AM and here I am, showering like a bitch,
Standing, watching water flow. Free to hum. To itch.
The situations kinda strange, washing in the dark,
Feeling sorta vulnerable. Not just naked; bloody stark.
I look up as I'm thinking, through the water and it's motions,
And see the sign, as you'll have done, in white letters saying 'Caution.'
'The water's very hot,' it says. 'Cheers' im thinking back.
Thank God you told me now, not when I'm melting like a twat.
The rush of water coming out reminds me lots of you,
Not one single, certain person. Just the folks I know in Blue.
It hits me, warms me, leaves me and like that I know its gone.
I hope that's not how soon my best mates here might well become.
There's loads I know Im gunna miss, I can feel it now already,
Whose changing faces i'll wanna keep, like Katie's ''monkey'' Teddy :P
But I have to try and keep in touch. I must. I can. I will.
It's not enough to just return each semester for a swill.
But with interwebs, and bloggermails and MyFaceChat.Com,
Im lucky meeting friends just means going ENTER > LOGGING ON.
I'll definately get my visit on, after summer, come September,
And get absolutely WASTED MATE (coz im not your warden then, remember :D)
But for now we need some perking up, some fresh fires in our bellies,
To dress up more, to do some shit, like those parties off the telly.
Just like me and Andy did, when we went out dressed as Ninjas,
(and here, im sorry, my structures fucked..coz nothing rhymes with ninja).
So lets have fun while shit is GOOD my friends. Balls to bloody money!!
If needs be we'll just play some games, it'll still be fuckin funny!
I just dont want a big red 'Caution' sign this year, above my head, before I'm done.
That instead of reading 'Very Hot Water' Reads:
Like water, you are going. Flowing. Gone.
Cheers for reading ;)